Meet Mark Sahady


Mark lives in Malden, but he’s hosted hate-filled events in Boston, Portland, and Dallas among others. You might remember Mark from the Boston “Free Speech” alt-right rally in 2017. He was one of the handful of people standing on the same side of the barricade as racist conspiracy theorists and Holocaust deniers, instead of protesting against them like tens of thousands of decent Bostonians did.

Boston Free Speech Rally

On January 6th, Mark and his associates were present in DC during the coup attempt at the Capitol. This isn’t a surprise - he has been escalating for years.

Mark Sahady's Best Friends Are Actual, Literal Nazis

Mark made a name for himself as a high-level organizer with alt-right group “Super Happy Fun America”, formerly known as “Resist Marxism”. You can read about the long history of violence, hatred, and fascism exhibited by him and his co-organizers:

Mark has run a lot of events, and he has made a lot of “friends”. Did you know that some of his “friends” are open Nazis? Here’s the “NSC”, or the “Nationalist Social Club”, at one of his events:

Why do they have that name? It’s a “joke”: “National Socialist” is the English name of the Nazi Party. That’s who Mark is choosing to associate with.

We think this saying applies:

It’s worth noting that NSC has other ties to Malden. We’re focusing on Mark today, but check out this article for more:

Malden has ties to Nazis

Mark Sahady Loves Violence

But Mark’s associates in Super Happy Fun America aren’t just homophobes, fascists, and Nazis. They’re also a violent street gang:

Sahady’s attempts to incite violence have grown more desperate over time. Here’s Mark at a protest in Portland, carrying out his vision of “free speech”: beating anyone he disagrees with.

Mark also admires the Proud Boys, in case you were wondering. Yes, the same Proud Boys that have since stabbed multiple people at protests.

Mark Sahady supports the Proud Boys

The City of Malden already expressed concerns about Sahady having access to firearms, at one point confiscating them and subsequently refusing his LTC. Did they already suspect his capability for violence?

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Mark Sahady Organized Travel To The Jan. 6 Coup

Antifascist researchers have followed Mark travel across the country with his Nazi pals. But after years of practice running smaller events, Mark has finally gotten tangled up in something big: trying to prevent peaceful transfer of power in the United States.

What is Mark’s relationship to the coup attempt on January 6th? Researchers are still putting together information, but here’s what we know for sure:

  • He knew about the event weeks in advance and was advertising it on social media.
  • He organized chartered buses to bring associates to DC.
  • He charged for tickets to ride the buses.
  • He went on one of these buses himself, along with many other New England fascists and associates.
  • He arrived in DC and posed for a photo with many known fascist associates.
  • Other known associates, such as NSC, were present at the Capitol.
  • Mark has planned for, expected, and desired violent confrontation with the government.

Travel from MA to DC has been reported on, but we have found evidence of Sahady’s involvement. Here’s a photo of Mark front and center on one of the buses his organization chartered to take New England fascists down to DC.

Do you approve of how things “got wild” in DC? Super Happy Fun America - the organization that Mark Sahady helps run - certainly does.

Remember, this wasn’t a spur of the moment decision. He’s been planning this for weeks, hoping it would escalate. Don’t take my word for it - here’s what he had to say about it on his personal Twitter account:

Don’t bother taking down the tweets, Mark - we’ve already archived them all. 😄

And to dispel any doubt, here’s Mark (rightmost) posing for a photo in DC with many others involved in the event:

Mark Sahady in DC

Since initial publication, we’ve discovered photographic proof that Sahady and his accomplices entered the Capitol building.

Sahady in the Capitol

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Mark Sahady Will Do This Again - Or Worse

Mark Sahady is a dangerous man, and potentially one with access to firearms. He is ideologically committed to overthrowing the United States government, his entire life is dedicated to fascist violence, and he is not interested in negotiation or discussion. He doesn’t have friends who can pull him “back from the brink”, because he’s been doing this for so long that all of his friends are Nazis.

Mark is not a “lone wolf”, and he knows exactly what he is doing. The only way to prevent him and his friends from attempting another coup is to stop him.

Want to help? Read on.

Help Us Kick Nazis Out of Malden

America’s got a Nazi problem, and we all know that if you ignore a Nazi problem, it’ll only get worse. US Attorney Lelling has already announced his intent to prosecute anyone who traveled to DC to engage in violence.

Boston Globe headline

We believe that Mark not only intended to engage in violence on January 6th, but actually encouraged others as well. We also believe he was instrumental in arranging transportation to the event for his accomplices, and accepted money from attendees in multiple states to do so.

But we cannot just wait for the government to make arrests, or otherwise hope that someone else deals with him. Each one of us in Malden needs to take some responsibility for the harm caused by our community member.

Here’s how you can help today:

  1. Share this link with your friends, family, coworkers, and journalist contacts. We need to make being pals with racists, homophobes, and Nazis completely unacceptable in America.

  2. Demand that the City Council and the Mayor investigate what the City of Malden knew about Mark Sahady’s behavior and when. We already know he’s gotten in trouble with the Malden police department. Was there any evidence of his plans for January 6th?

  3. Help research Mark Sahady’s connections within Malden. Do you know anyone connected to him? Do you know about funding or support he’s receiving from our community or elsewhere? We need to find and identify any other Nazis tied to our community. Email us at

  4. Take action to cut Nazis off from their funding! Demand action from companies like Stripe and WePay to shut down accounts that Nazis and fascists use for fundraising.

  1. Subscribe to anti-fascist researchers, protest news coverage, and activist organizations. These individuals and groups have spent years opposing fascists, collecting data on their connections, and depriving them of finances.